U4-6368 - More member query methods - IMemberService and MembershipHelper

Created by Shannon Deminick 06 Mar 2015, 00:40:40 Updated by Jeroen Breuer 01 Sep 2017, 14:48:38

Relates to: U4-8806

Relates to: U4-4379

Currently we don't expose member querying methods on the MembershipHelper but we should so that people can use them directly in their views and expose IPublishedContent.

We also need to make some overloads for things like GetMembersByPropertyValue so that we can query by multiple values

Have put this in 7.2.3 but might need to be in 7.3+


Jeroen Breuer 14 Dec 2015, 08:34:38

Any idea in which version we can expect this?

Shannon Deminick 14 Dec 2015, 09:37:22

This isn't scheduled for any release, we will include it in a patch release post 7.4

Jeroen Breuer 28 Feb 2017, 10:19:28

Just saw this topic: https://our.umbraco.org/forum/templates-partial-views-and-macros/84257-listing-site-members-in-views-dont-use-memberservice

It would be nice if this feature request would still be implemented at some point.

Jeroen Breuer 01 Sep 2017, 14:48:38

Maybe this can be added in v7.7 or 7.8?

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