U4-6499 - Add Setting to Set Limits for Related Links

Created by Nicholas Westby 04 Apr 2015, 23:51:01 Updated by Nicholas Westby 04 Apr 2015, 23:52:09

Duplicates: U4-6498

This is what it looks like when I create a data type based on the Related Links property editor: !related-links.png!

Note that there are no settings. Would be useful if there was a "Maximum Links" setting. That would allow me to, for example, set the maximum to 1, which would in effect allow me to use "Related Links" as a "Related Link" picker (for scenarios where multiple links are not appropriate). A limit could be used for other things too (e.g., when you want to limit the user to pick, say, 4 related articles).

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Nicholas Westby 04 Apr 2015, 23:52:09

Accidentally submitted this issue twice.

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