U4-6556 - Unable to collapse node in tree after it becomes parent

Created by Anders Bjerner 26 Apr 2015, 12:11:00 Updated by Shannon Deminick 26 Jun 2017, 07:11:21

If I have a leaf node, and create a child node under it, the UI isn't updated so I can't collapse/expand the newly parent. Reloading the tree (or the parent of the parent) fixes this.

I have tested and found this issue in 7.2.1, 7.2.4 and 7.2.5 RC, but other versions are most likely affected as well.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Find a leaf node - let's assume it is called Test
  • Create a new node under Test
  • Even though Test now has become a parent, I can't collapse the node in the tree unless I reload the entire tree or a node above Test

I would expect that after the child has been created, the parent node is updated in the tree so that collapsing and expanding would work as normal.


Shannon Deminick 26 Jun 2017, 07:11:22

Closing issue due to inactivity - see blog post for details https://umbraco.com/blog/issue-tracker-cleanup/

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Closed


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 7.2.1, 7.2.4, 7.2.5

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