U4-6671 - Weird behaviour adding custom property editor to the app_plugins folder.

Created by Robin Crama 04 Jun 2015, 12:02:10 Updated by Robin Crama 04 Jun 2015, 14:21:49

What did you do? Create custom property editor on my local machine (works) Deployment to staging environment (same server) (works) Deployment to live (does not work)

Coping a existing property editor does also trigger the same issue. so its not the property editor itself

What did you expect to happen? Umbraco loading up like it always does

What actually happened? Umbraco hangs on a 500 internal server error with ClientDependencyHandler (see screenshot)

If i remove the new property editor Umbraco works again.

Already tried:

  • Adding a fully functional property editor to prove my property editor is not the blame
  • Adding all the correct security settings on all the right folders according to installation

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Sebastiaan Janssen 04 Jun 2015, 12:06:02

Can you make sure you update the version in CliendDependencyHandler.config on the live server where it doesn't work please. Just make it 1 higher. Also touch the web.config to make sure the application pool recycles and picks up on the new property editor.

Robin Crama 04 Jun 2015, 12:08:32

@sebastiaan Yes we did, we even recycled it by hand and upped the client dependency in the config... still same issue.

Robin Crama 04 Jun 2015, 12:11:43

@sebastiaan could it be some specific folder or file does need rights?

Sebastiaan Janssen 04 Jun 2015, 12:48:03

Same rights as everything else in App_Plugins.

On local machine: try to set debug to false and see if your property editor still works, it seems like that would be the difference in your live environment.

What Umbraco version is this? (please always include a version in your bug reports!)

Sebastiaan Janssen 04 Jun 2015, 12:49:21

More recent Umbraco releases have this at the bottom of the web.config just before the </configuration>, might help:

  <location path="umbraco">
      <urlCompression doStaticCompression="false" doDynamicCompression="false" dynamicCompressionBeforeCache="false" />
  <location path="App_Plugins">
      <urlCompression doStaticCompression="false" doDynamicCompression="false" dynamicCompressionBeforeCache="false" />

Robin Crama 04 Jun 2015, 13:15:57

@sebastiaan srry: Umbraco version 7.1.8 assembly: 1.0.5394.16131 and after debug modus > build > app pool reset Umbraco still works on local. And i do not have the stuff in the web.config.

Sebastiaan Janssen 04 Jun 2015, 13:28:25

Might help, try adding it on live.

Robin Crama 04 Jun 2015, 14:21:49

Added it, dit not work:(

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