U4-6830 - Wish: Ability to define default Media Type for Upload Tool

Created by John Churchley 13 Jul 2015, 14:28:08 Updated by John Churchley 02 Nov 2017, 10:14:35

Relates to: U4-4196

What did you do? Defined new media type "cropped folder" which contained only one allowed child node type called called "cropped image". "cropped image" media type contained had one property which was a media image cropper alias umbracoFile.

What did you expect to happen? The upload tool when on the "cropped folder" the upload tool would create a new media of type "cropped image" as it was the only child node type and it contained the alias umbracoFile.

What actually happened? It uploaded the image and saved it as a media type of "image" although "image" wasn't a allowed child node type

Alternatively to allow for more than one property you could have a have a custom property alias (like umbracoInternalRedirectId) which could be defined in the parent which can allow you define which media type is the default for the upload tool through a textstring or dropdown list.

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John Churchley 08 Jun 2016, 15:07:50

Looks like this will be added in 7.5 - U4-4196

Chris Houston 16 Sep 2016, 09:58:03

The linked ticket now mentions it will be added in 7.5.4

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