U4-6866 - getDescendants of template

Created by Per Ploug 23 Jul 2015, 09:05:41 Updated by Shannon Deminick 05 Aug 2015, 10:11:45

Subtask of: U4-5830

Currently not possible, so currently best solution is to look up all templates with FileService and filter by path.

Would be better to use EntityService - but that currently fails on entities with type template , and how to get to the template alias doing that?


Shannon Deminick 23 Jul 2015, 12:44:58

Should be 'easy', now that we are using the path for template correctly in 7.3, will add to the file service.

Shannon Deminick 04 Aug 2015, 15:53:42

You can do this now actually, it's just a different API call:

TemplateNode IFileService.GetTemplateNode(string alias)

the result TemplateNode contains methods you can use to traverse... so you can lookup children (of children (of children)) etc...

I'm going to create another method though:

IEnumerable GetTemplateDescendants(string alias);

Shannon Deminick 05 Aug 2015, 10:11:44

Have got this implemented in the core and will merge to the 7.4 branch shortly.

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