U4-6931 - UmbracoVirtualNodeRouteHandler sets culture to first culture not culture of parent nodes

Created by Steve Temple 06 Aug 2015, 15:24:11 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 27 Oct 2015, 12:59:58

We have 2 cultures in Umbraco en-US and en-GB the homepage of the site is set to en-GB but any routes routed through using UmbracoVirtualNodeRouteHandler are rendered in en-US culture. I'm returning a node in UmbracoVirtualNodeRouteHandler which is underneath the homepage node in the tree so I was expecting it to respect the nodes culture which is inheriting form the homepage node.

If I remove the en-US culture it then uses en-GB.


Shannon Deminick 20 Aug 2015, 15:12:49

Is this a duplicate of this: http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-5574 ?

Steve Temple 20 Aug 2015, 16:09:01

I don't think so as that was resolved in 7.2.0, but this is happening in 7.2.6

Rasmus Pedersen 14 Sep 2015, 12:04:15

I've run into the same problem.

If I don't set a domain on the root node but just changes the language it set's the culture to en-US, if I add a domain, it set's the correct culture.

I'm running 7.2.8

Stephan 15 Oct 2015, 16:43:31

Tested on 7.3.0:

Create a node at the root of the tree, set a culture on that node, create a branch under that node.


  • node A < culture = xx-XX (no domain)
  • node B
  • node D
  • node C

Setup route & co as follows:

RouteTable.Routes.MapUmbracoRoute( "issue6931", "Issue6931/", new { controller = "Test6931", action = "Index" }, new Test6931RouteHandler() );

With (where 1404 is the id of a node under that previously created root node, ie somewhere in the branch):

public class Test6931RouteHandler : UmbracoVirtualNodeRouteHandler { protected override IPublishedContent FindContent(RequestContext requestContext, UmbracoContext umbracoContext) { return umbracoContext.ContentCache.GetById(1404); } }

public class Test6931Controller : RenderMvcController
    public override ActionResult Index(RenderModel model)
        return Content("Content: " + model.Content.Name + ", Culture: " + Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture);

Browse /Issue6931. Results: the culture follows whatever is set on the root node.

So at that point I'd say I cannot reproduce. Making sense?

Steve Temple 19 Oct 2015, 13:40:06

I'll take a look at what was going, and try and reproduce tonight with 7.3.0

Stephan 21 Oct 2015, 06:59:41

Any chance you could have a look?

Rasmus Pedersen 22 Oct 2015, 15:50:06

I can't reproduce this in 7.3.0

Shannon Deminick 27 Oct 2015, 11:09:25

We are closing this issue, if you have steps to reproduce in 7.3+ then please re-open with steps.

Priority: Major

Type: Bug

State: Can't Reproduce


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

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Affected versions: 7.2.6

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