U4-7033 - 7.3RC Custom Sections and Tree are no longer working

Created by Kevin Giszewski 27 Aug 2015, 17:42:44 Updated by Tonny 04 May 2016, 07:51:52

Relates to: U4-7045

What did you do?

Upgraded to 7.3RC

The following packages no longer work right:

Bookshelf Diplo Trace Logs

This is also true for any custom sections I have that are not released to the world.

What did you expect to happen?

No changes to pre-installed items.

What actually happened?

Clicked on the trees and they don't render properly. The routing isn't working (i.e. click the item and it doesn't show anything in the right pane). No 404 error or any indication anything is wrong.

Custom trees no longer expand when they have children in some cases.

Let's hope I botched the upgrade somehow. (I used Nuget).

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Kevin Giszewski 28 Aug 2015, 12:20:10

I tried on a new install and Diplo Trace Logs is working but not Bookshelf.

Trace Logs only looks into one directory while Bookshelf points to different folders (trying to see why they would be different).

Bookshelf files render properly in the tree, but when clicked, do not show in the right pane. No errors in the console or log.

Trying another package soon.

Kevin Giszewski 28 Aug 2015, 12:54:25

I've got it narrowed down loading the views.

When you click a tree item, the view is fetched as evident in the network tab of Chrome. Changes made to the view can be seen in the inspector. Yet the view refuses to load.

Both packages I've tested have custom sections (just providing as information).

Kevin Giszewski 28 Aug 2015, 12:57:02

Anyone following along and want to test. Bookshelf has another issue with 7.3 that is unrelated to this. There are two lines of code that need updated to make the navigation not blow up.

Overwrite the same two lines after install with these: https://github.com/kgiszewski/UmbracoBookshelf/blob/d47805349066cd8f0235a3e29b7c3a495fc7d671/src/App_Plugins/UmbracoBookshelf/views/navigation.html#L10-L13

Kevin Giszewski 28 Aug 2015, 13:19:17

Yey! Resolved.

So after all the heartache it turns out somewhere in the new styles this is conflicting with my packages.

.tab-content>.tab-pane {
    display: none;

Setting it to block fixes everything. I can't find any commits where it's been altered in the core since 2013 :)

Sebastiaan Janssen 31 Aug 2015, 14:29:08

Thanks @kgiszewski - this is indeed the correct solution. Shannon has posted the details in this issue: http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-7045

We marked it as not backwards compatible as some people (like you) may run into this problem when there's only one tab defined.

Sebastiaan Janssen 31 Aug 2015, 14:29:41

I'll send a PR to Diplo Trace Logs as well, need to fix something else there too. :)

Sebastiaan Janssen 31 Aug 2015, 15:01:40

@kgiszewski I don't really see a problem with the tracelog viewer though, any hints for me to repro?

Kevin Giszewski 31 Aug 2015, 15:08:37

@sebastiaan Re: Trace Log. It cannot find a table header view (I get a 404) so it's likely a different issue. It could be related but I had a bunch of issues that I was trying to troubleshoot all at once so it's hard to say.

If you refresh it a few times or come back later, you may start getting a 404. I'll grab a screenshot.

Sebastiaan Janssen 31 Aug 2015, 15:58:19

@kgiszewski Strange, I can't repro that! Do you have the latest version installed? Is there any konami code so I can repro this locally maybe? Tried different combo's of reloading and clicking between different log files. Maybe it's something actually IN your log file that's causing this (maybe we're not escaping something properly).

Kevin Giszewski 15 Sep 2015, 09:30:18

Related: http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-7045

Tonny 04 May 2016, 07:51:52

@sebastiaan enter konami code in 7.4.2 cms login form

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Type: Bug

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Difficulty: Normal

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