U4-7316 - "Media Picker" by default should also include a focal point - this requires a new Property Editor

Created by Shannon Deminick 27 Oct 2015, 17:15:06 Updated by Søren Kottal 03 Sep 2018, 19:59:03

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The Media Picker currently picks existing media, it would be nice to allow this to set a focal point. This exists in the Grid media picker but not in the standard one.

To do this however is a breaking change because the value returned from a media picker that also includes a focal point will be a json structure whereas the current value is simply an ID.

So we'd need to make a new Property Editor for this, set it as the default "Media Picker" and rename the current one to "Legacy Media Picker" (or similar), then anyone upgrading will retain their properties with the Legacy Media Picker.

We'd also have to make a Property Value Converter for this.


Søren Kottal 01 Jul 2016, 20:00:47

Would be really cool if there would be an ability to define crops on this new media picker.

Nicholas Westby 29 Aug 2018, 18:28:11

@Søren.Kottal I second that. That's one thing that's definitely lacking in the current ImageCropper. You either define it in the media section, in which case every image in the site has the same set of crops. Or, you define it on the content item, in which case your image doesn't get uploaded to the media section (and so can't be used twice on the site without uploading a duplicate file).

An ImageCropper that could crop images in the content section (with crops being stored in the content section) based on an image in the media section would be a major improvement for ease of use.

Søren Kottal 30 Aug 2018, 06:43:35

I think it should be doable to add the ability to have media ids/udis in an ImageCropDataSet, making it possible to have a custom crop for a media item.

How can we make the UI for a property editor for this?

I'm thinking of making it like the current media picker, where you can sort the items selected. Each item, then has a "crop" button, you can click, and the cropper UI opens in a dialog.

Pretty much like how Club Cropicana works, the difference being, that the crops are saved to the node (in the cropped media picker), in stead of the media item.

Søren Kottal 03 Sep 2018, 19:59:03

Started a PR -> https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/2903

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