U4-7488 - RelatedLinks DataTypes Do not save values properly - fails with Angular error

Created by Paul Sterling 03 Dec 2015, 05:46:50 Updated by James Collins 29 May 2017, 12:41:38

Relates to: U4-6121

[Tested in 7.3.3 and 7.4.0.nightly.119]

Create a datatype using the Umbraco.RelatedLinks PropertyEditor. Add to doc type. Try to set a value by entering values and pressing the Add button. Notice Angular error in browser console

    at Object.$scope.add (DependencyHandler.axd?s=L3VtYnJhY28vbGliL2pxdWVyeS9qcXVlcnkubWluLmpzOy91bWJyYWNvL2xpYi9hbmd1bGFyLzE…:1789)
    at DependencyHandler.axd?s=L3VtYnJhY28vbGliL2pxdWVyeS9qcXVlcnkubWluLmpzOy91bWJyYWNvL2xpYi9hbmd1bGFyLzE…:13
    at DependencyHandler.axd?s=L3VtYnJhY28vbGliL2pxdWVyeS9qcXVlcnkubWluLmpzOy91bWJyYWNvL2xpYi9hbmd1bGFyLzE…:42
    at Object.e.$eval (DependencyHandler.axd?s=L3VtYnJhY28vbGliL2pxdWVyeS9qcXVlcnkubWluLmpzOy91bWJyYWNvL2xpYi9hbmd1bGFyLzE…:14)
    at Object.e.$apply (DependencyHandler.axd?s=L3VtYnJhY28vbGliL2pxdWVyeS9qcXVlcnkubWluLmpzOy91bWJyYWNvL2xpYi9hbmd1bGFyLzE…:14)
    at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (DependencyHandler.axd?s=L3VtYnJhY28vbGliL2pxdWVyeS9qcXVlcnkubWluLmpzOy91bWJyYWNvL2xpYi9hbmd1bGFyLzE…:42)
    at HTMLButtonElement.x.event.dispatch (DependencyHandler.axd?s=L3VtYnJhY28vbGliL2pxdWVyeS9qcXVlcnkubWluLmpzOy91bWJyYWNvL2xpYi9hbmd1bGFyLzE…:2)
    at HTMLButtonElement.y.handle (DependencyHandler.axd?s=L3VtYnJhY28vbGliL2pxdWVyeS9qcXVlcnkubWluLmpzOy91bWJyYWNvL2xpYi9hbmd1bGFyLzE…:2)```

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Sebastiaan Janssen 03 Dec 2015, 06:49:46

[error copy coming...]

Oh the suspense!

Steve Morgan 03 Feb 2016, 11:38:31

I'm hitting this again in v7.3.4

I think this is the same issue as https://our.umbraco.org/forum/umbraco-7/using-umbraco-7/60120-Unable-to-add-Related-Links https://our.umbraco.org/forum/ourumb-dev-forum/bugs/70609-related-links-fail-after-save

I can reproduce but not reliably.. would love to trap the error. Do you know what steps to take to reproduce this? I have a theory it's only on slow page loads.

I find I can add links - save and publish but then sometimes the angular fails and instead of adding a link the add button triggers a content node save. This is very confusing for users. I'll try and debug it if I can trap it but I can't seem to create a re-creatable path of the steps.. it just sometimes "happens".

Steve Morgan 03 Feb 2016, 11:46:01

It is throwing an error in the console window but this might be a red herring as with dev tools open I'm yet to recreate the issue!

Nicholas Westby 25 Jul 2016, 18:56:02

I can reproduce this on Umbraco 7.4.3. Was upgraded from Umbraco 6.1.6.

Nicholas Westby 25 Jul 2016, 20:46:33

Interestingly, it stopped happening (or at least, it isn't happening at the moment). Perhaps it was a case of a $scope.model.value being in a strange state after the upgrade (i.e., a non-array value, such as an object or null).

Claus Jensen 26 Jul 2016, 12:19:24

I've tried a bunch of different things now trying to replicate this, both with/without dev tools, browser caches, debug mode, adding removing properties and creating new documents... No luck so far.

If anyone is able to somehow come up with reproduction steps I'll be happy to look into it.

Kenneth Hein Møller 11 Aug 2016, 12:37:05

@claus I can reproduce this issue.

Claus Jensen 11 Aug 2016, 12:43:23

@khm1985 Unfortunately that doesn't really help me much unless you can provide me with a way of reproducing it in a new installation.

Kenneth Hein Møller 11 Aug 2016, 17:26:42

@claus, wanted to make sure there would be a response to this issue again first, before spending time zipping the entire Umbraco solution for reproducing the issue. But I will happily do that first thing in the morning, if you would like?

Claus Jensen 12 Aug 2016, 09:23:46

@khm1985 That would be very helpful - hopefully I can see what is going on!

Please provide both the database backup, website files and any instructions I would need to make the site run :)

If it contains any sensitive data you can post the link to the zip file as a comment marked for HQ only.

James Collins 29 May 2017, 12:41:38

I'm seeing this in 7.6.1. I tested it with a fresh/default Umbraco 7.6.1 installation (without any customizations).

To reproduce this, you'll need a content node that has an empty (no links added) Related Links property. If you already have links added, you'll need to delete them all, save and publish the page, then refresh the browser (so that there are no links on page load).


  1. Open the Content Node that has the empty Related Links picker
  2. Without making any changes, click Save and Publish (and do not refresh the page at all)
  3. Now, try adding a link and you won't be able to. As soon as you click "Add", you'll see the Save "spinner" and the page will save with the following message: "Content saved: Remember to publish to make changes visible".

The link does not get added, and the only way you can add it is to refresh your browser and try again (without clicking Save/Publish first).

So, to summarize, here's the pattern:

Empty Related Links property -> Click Save and Publish -> Try to add a link -> Fails (Saves page instead)

Can anyone else confirm the same behavior?

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Type: Bug

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Affected versions: 7.3.3, 7.3.4, 7.4.3

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