U4-7696 - New content type editor - server side validation fails when creating new document type

Created by Shannon Deminick 11 Jan 2016, 17:47:51 Updated by Mads Rasmussen 13 Jan 2016, 09:59:49

Relates to: U4-7371

If an error occurs when creating a document type on the server the validation response doesn't work, the page redirects with an Id of 0 and nothing is displayed.


Shannon Deminick 12 Jan 2016, 12:21:59

Testing notes: see notes here: http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-7371

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Fixed


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions:

Due in version: 7.4.0

Sprint: Sprint 6

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