U4-7701 - Unable to Delete Member in Member Section

Created by John Churchley 12 Jan 2016, 13:48:21 Updated by Shannon Deminick 26 Jan 2016, 10:27:05

What did you do? Tried to delete member/group of members on the members selecting member and clicking on delete on the list view.

What did you expect to happen? Member would be removed from list

What actually happened? Notification states member/members have been deleted but list doesn't illustrate the removal.

Image of console error attached.

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Rasmus Eeg Møller 15 Jan 2016, 19:14:13

I've got the same issues, found that i was able to delete member by clicking on actions and delete, while on a member. It's the bulk actions on members list, that doesn't work.

John Churchley 18 Jan 2016, 11:42:02

Hi @rasmuseeg thanks for identifying the work around!

Shannon Deminick 25 Jan 2016, 15:22:26

@madsrasmussen going to assign to you (if you don't have time let me know). I think this is just a mismatch of the client sending up the wrong info in the list view since the query string parameters for deleting content vs members is different.

The query that is sent to delete a member ends up being:


and the 'key' is empty, I'm assuming that 'id' is used for content/media, so we need to adjust this for when it's members.

Mads Rasmussen 26 Jan 2016, 09:57:17

PR: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/1054

Shannon Deminick 26 Jan 2016, 10:26:27

Yup confirms delete works in all list views.

Priority: Task - Pri 1

Type: Bug

State: Fixed


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 7.4.0

Due in version: 7.4.0

Sprint: Sprint 7

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