U4-7855 - ModelsBuilder - merge NuGet packages & simplify

Created by Stephan 28 Jan 2016, 16:26:58 Updated by Stephan 03 Feb 2016, 10:58:36

Having two NuGet packages makes no sense, merge into one unique package. Also, a good deal of things can be removed from the codebase, etc.


Stephan 28 Jan 2016, 16:31:12

Done directly in master branch, compiles against latest (as of today) 7.4.0, had to comment out some code in the ContentTypeModelValidator so it would build. Tested OK, ie can remove both old packages from Umbraco and install the new packages and it looks like it works.

Also includes work on the API - so now the console app works against the API provided that, on Umbraco's side, IdentityExtensions are installed & configured to serve OAuth tokens.

Shannon Deminick 03 Feb 2016, 09:08:22

@zpqrtbnk (being lazy here) does the work done for this task already include separating the Api Server into a different Nuget package so it's not contained in the core MB package (and so the core MB package does not utilize IdentityExtensions) ?

Stephan 03 Feb 2016, 09:24:04

no, that would be http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-7769 - but MB core does not reference identity extensions at the moment.

Shannon Deminick 03 Feb 2016, 10:45:31

I've created a PR for a tweak: https://github.com/zpqrtbnk/Zbu.ModelsBuilder/pull/87

  • Have removed the package actions - we're shipping as part of the core, people will not be installing this via the back office umbraco packaging system (if they want to upgrade, it should always be with Nuget)
  • Have removed the additional assembly/nuget required referenced that we'd need to ship the core with

Shannon Deminick 03 Feb 2016, 10:46:39

Apart from that, it looks good. Before we ship the RC though, we need to have this done http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-7769

Shannon Deminick 03 Feb 2016, 10:46:55

If you are happy with that PR, please merge and set to fixed.

Stephan 03 Feb 2016, 10:58:28

Happy with it. Have removed more files (all references to an Umbraco package)

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