U4-7882 - Updating Template.cshtml does not clear the template cache

Created by Paulo Freitas 02 Feb 2016, 16:31:09 Updated by shinsuke nakayama 21 Feb 2017, 07:24:50

Making changes to a Template/Partial files (.cshtml) does not update the front end, until the site is restarted.

CSS file changes update the front end, and so does Admin changes (e.g. Property values in the Content section update on the front end).

Also, changes made on the file is also made on the template file in Settings > Templates, but saving changes in either of those 2 locations doesn't update the front end either.

Page output is not cached, so it seems as if the .cshtml cache file dependency is not working

Tested on versions u7.3.4, u7.3.5, u7.3.6. Last working version I tested was u7.3.1


Sebastiaan Janssen 02 Feb 2016, 16:55:24

Sorry but nobody else has reported this in the past 2 months since 7.3.4 was out so I have to think that it's something in your setup that is caching the template somehow. Umbraco doesn't really cache templates in any way on it's own, as soon as you update it, it should update on the frontend.

Paulo Freitas 03 Feb 2016, 11:38:05

@sebastiaan Sorry, probably should have given a few more details on my setup.

I am running Windows on Parallels. By running a u7.3.5 website, with the source on a Shared Drive (from Mac) the .cshtml caching occurs, but with the same set up, running a u.7.3.1 website, the caching doesn't happen.

Also, by putting the Source files on Windows C: drive, that stops the caching issue as well.

shinsuke nakayama 21 Feb 2017, 07:24:50

Hi @paulo@webreality.co.uk We are also having the same issue, we are using Umbraco 7.5.7 Also running Windows on Parallels, and the source is on the shared drive (from Mac). We've done few tests and it seems the Umbraco is the only web page having this issue.

Did you find any workaround for this?

There seem to be other people having the same issue here https://our.umbraco.org/forum/umbraco-7/using-umbraco-7/75481-caching-and-development

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