U4-7955 - Uncaught Error: No module: blueimp.fileupload after upgrading to 7.4.0

Created by Jan Aagaard 13 Feb 2016, 18:31:24 Updated by Pedro Adão 07 Apr 2017, 11:15:57

I upgraded from 7.3.7 using the NuGet package. After upgrading I can no longer access the admin pages (/umbraco). Chrome's debugger reports this JavaScript error: "Uncaught Error: No module: blueimp.fileupload".

No sure what to do from here. :-(

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Sebastiaan Janssen 14 Feb 2016, 10:06:53

Try change the version number in ~/Config/ClientDependency.config (just make it one lower or higher) and then open the site in a private browsing window so you don't have any cache. If it works then in the private browsing window and not in a normal window, you need to thoroughly clear your browser cache (Chrome's cache, for example, is very aggressive).

Jan Aagaard 14 Feb 2016, 14:15:34

Thanks for the reply. I must admit that since this is a pretty fresh install of Umbraco, I just started over, and will be porting the data manually. Doing so fixed my issue (and it also fixed an issue with the email address field missing on the create user page). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Per E. 15 Feb 2016, 11:28:16

I am having the exact same issue - can't access admin page. Upgraded from 7.3.1 to 7.4.0 via NuGet. Tried in both FF 44.0.2 and Edge browser. Emptied cache, updated ClienDependency.config, done the Private Window too. Some more info here: https://our.umbraco.org/forum/umbraco-7/using-umbraco-7/74517-upgrading-to-73-authorize-upgrade-view-blank#comment-240124

Any help appreciated.

Jan Aagaard 15 Feb 2016, 11:46:20

You probably already saw this, Per, but perhaps this issue/fix is related to this question on Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10079670/unable-to-get-blueimp-jquery-fileupload-plugin-to-work

As I already mentioned started over from scratch because I fortunately had that possibility. I did upgraded some of the other NuGet packages, and that might have cause Umbraco to fail. Anyways: After doing a clean install of 7.4.0 everything works as expected. (Well, except that I got an SQL syntax error when trying to use Umbraco with MySQL, but using MSSQL CE was fine.)

Per E. 15 Feb 2016, 11:59:35

Hi @janaagaard - thanks for quick reply and the link on SO - I did not see this but the suggested fixes are related to the "order of the JS files". I would like to try this file ordering fix as I - unfortunately - cannot start from scratch on this project.

Do you (or anybody else) happen to know where I should start with the ordering of the JS files, i.e. looking in /Umbraco/Views/common/dialogs/login.html or [...]/dashboard.html does not indicate any references to the JS files.

NB. I have also upgrade a bunch of packages via NuGet, please see below unified diff from Subversion:

- + @@ -7,13 +7,14 @@ - - - - - + + + + + + @@ -29,7 +30,7 @@ - + @@ -40,11 +41,12 @@ - + - + +

Sebastiaan Janssen 15 Feb 2016, 12:02:30

@ Per are you using NuGet? In any case, what I would do is download the zip version of 7.4 and use a compare tool (Winmerge is good) to compare the contents of the zip against the folder your site is in to see if all of the files have been copied correctly and if your config files are all up to date.

I'm setting this to "can't reproduce" again as we are unable to reproduce this at all on the sites we've tested it on, this problem usually is due to missing/wrong files. :)

Jan Aagaard 15 Feb 2016, 12:20:05

Sorry, I don't know where should start looking, Per. All I can suggest is to verify that all the listed files in the answer on Stack Overflow are there (but then again - I'm pretty sure that they are, because I otherwise you would probably see a 404 for one of them).

Also perhaps I didn't make this clear: I think I broke Umbraco by upgrading some of the other NuGet packages. My solution was to start over with a clean MVC solution, and then install the UmbracoCMS package, and not upgrading any of the other packages afterwards.

Per E. 15 Feb 2016, 12:46:39

@sebastiaan @janaagaard - I followed the advice of Sebastian with Winmerge - that solved the problem, it was missing files or outdated files in my working folder. Basically I took a fresh copy of /Umbraco and /Umbracoclient and a few other directories and put these in my installation. Now it is working again. Perhaps the NuGet update process is not working as it should (or maybe I misunderstand something with NuGet). In any case, thanks to both of you for your kind help.

Sebastiaan Janssen 15 Feb 2016, 13:05:06

@Per the NuGet updater does all that MOST of the time, sometimes it randomly fails though, I haven't been able to make it fail at all and other people have it like 10% of the time. :/ So I guess you were just unlucky in this case unfortunately. :)

Per E. 15 Feb 2016, 13:08:24

@sebastiaan Okay I hear you, Sebastiaan - just unlucky this time. I am relatively new to the inner workings of Umbraco so I will keep Winmerge in mind for next time since NuGet is unreliable ;)

Tim Scarfe 03 Mar 2016, 09:16:47

@sebastiaan I had the same error just now upgrading from 7.2.8 to 7.4.1.

Unfortunately I didn't take a copy of the NuGet upgrade output, but it said that it was all upgraded with no errors.

We had tweaked a couple of things on the angular templates and the default razor template, so that could easily have explained the problem.

I also copied and overwrote the /Umbraco and /Umbracoclient from a fresh downloaded copy and was good-to-go afterwards.



Kevin Giszewski 15 Mar 2016, 15:11:57

Just got this today as well.

Nuget, Azure. 7.4.1

Fix was to copy over the /Umbraco folder and update client dependency value.

Kevin Giszewski 15 Mar 2016, 15:40:21

More info. After pushing from source control, the dates on the /Umbraco and /UmbracoClient folders reverted to a few days ago and I lost my changes to the folders when I overwrote them. I now have to reupload the /umbraco folder to fix.

I don't have those folders checked into source control so I'm wondering if Azure is holding onto older package files for some reason. Wonder if there is a Nuget issue as well since it's basically ignoring the /umbraco and /umbracoclient folders as far as updates go.

I forgot to mention this was an upgrade from 7.3.7 to 7.4.1.

Kevin Giszewski 15 Mar 2016, 17:23:11

Please view the screenshot.

I've fixed my install by looking through my packages folder via Kudu on Azure. I noticed that the 7.3.7 package hadn't been removed properly by the system. After manually deleting those files via the console, I redeployed and no longer have old Umbraco code showing up.

This may also be the case locally if you're having issues. Check your packages folder.

Kevin Giszewski 15 Mar 2016, 18:22:10

Whelp, I have bad news. I had a false positive that it fixed it. It did not.

Whenever I redeploy from source control, the site reverts to client files for 7.3.7.

I even went as far as deleting the /repository contents on Azure.

Only thing that fixes it at the moment is a manual deploy. I could check Umbraco into source control, but I'm holding off for now.

Sebastiaan Janssen 15 Mar 2016, 18:35:22

Kevin, can you check packages.config for all your projects. This can happen when you forget to upgrade one of you VS projects.

Kevin Giszewski 15 Mar 2016, 18:37:35

Single project, but thanks for checking.

I think I have it finally figured out.

So my above is still true, Azure was holding onto old code. I forgot this last time to bump the client dependency. Will know in a few minutes if that is final fix.

Kevin Giszewski 15 Mar 2016, 18:39:34

Ok, success for me at least.

Final solution was remove packages that shouldn't exist and bump the client config.

@sebastiaan Thanks for the response.

Per E. 15 Mar 2016, 21:30:09

@timscarfe - can I ask you to please edit your post? My email address is showing and I like don't spam robots coming along ;)

Tim Scarfe 15 Mar 2016, 21:36:15

@perels done

von 21 Jul 2016, 06:31:46

We are receiving the same error "Uncaught Error: No module: blueimp.fileupload". Our setup is that the site runs on Azure and picks up changes from github. Each time a deployment is triggered Azure seems to pick up the wrong set of files. We have to upload the entire Umbraco and umbraco_client folders to fix the issue, so that we can log to the back-office. It may not be an umbraco problem? Or it could be perhaps something in configuration that tells Azure what to pick up? If not, is anybody else experiencing the same problem with the same setup as we do?

James South 03 Sep 2016, 07:33:43

Just got hit by this upgrading my blog to 7.5.2 from 7.2.4. New browser, fresh profile. As soon as I turn off Client Dependency the error goes away.

Pedro Adão 07 Apr 2017, 11:15:57

Hi, This happened to me after upgrading with nuget from 7.2.2 to 7.5.9 To fix, just copy the folder \packages\UmbracoCms.7.5.9\UmbracoFiles\umbraco* to your project folder. Overwrite all files and folders. Clean browser cache.

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