U4-8003 - XSLT Macro's not working - "Cannot use this obsoleted overload when the current provider"

Created by Shannon Deminick 16 Feb 2016, 10:50:13 Updated by Shannon Deminick 16 Feb 2016, 13:07:59

Relates to: U4-7890

What did you do? Installed Fresh 7.3.7. Created XSLT Macro with the Breadcrumb Template Select The macro in a RTE

What did you expect to happen? To render just like all the other macro's.

What actually happened? Error:

"Error reading XSLT file: test.xslttest.xslt

It has an error reading 'test.xslttest.xslt' that would probably be true because the filename is just 'test.xslt'

With existsing XSLT macro's": Error loading XSLT Breadcrumb.xslt. Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot use this obsoleted overload when the current provider is not of type Umbraco.Core.Cache.HttpRuntimeCacheProvider at Umbraco.Core.CacheHelper.GetCacheItem[TT](String cacheKey, CacheItemPriority priority, CacheDependency cacheDependency, Func`1 getCacheItem) at umbraco.macro.getXslt(String XsltFile) at umbraco.macro.LoadMacroXslt(macro macro, MacroModel model, Hashtable pageElements, Boolean throwError)

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Shannon Deminick 16 Feb 2016, 10:52:31

Backported changes, see rev: 180099b71864297b7634b801fa189420f6b1172b

Priority: Major

Type: Bug

State: Fixed


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 7.3.6, 7.3.7

Due in version: 7.3.8

Sprint: Sprint 9

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