U4-8032 - Backoffice UI broken after NuGet upgrade from 7.3.7 to 7.4.1

Created by Eric Schrepel 18 Feb 2016, 20:12:56 Updated by Keith Rowe 01 Jun 2017, 18:03:59

Did NuGet update of Umbraco to 7.4.1, then Build, with no errors. Site restarted fine, but BackOffice UI looks wrong (see two attached screenshots). Not sure if there's something in config files I should be looking for, or whether there are other issues.

The two examples are 1) editing a content node, where the Save/Preview buttons are covering the tabs at the top, and 2) the Media pane which looks way off.

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Sebastiaan Janssen 18 Feb 2016, 20:33:44

  • Change the version in ClientDependency.config (make it 1 higher or lower)
  • Thoroughly clear your browser cache (especially on Chrome)
  • Verify that a different browser or a private browser window has the same behavior
  • If the problem is still there, download the zip file of Umbraco and verify using a merge tool like WinMerge that all files in ~/Umbraco and ~/Umbraco_Client are in order

Nathan Townsend 03 Mar 2016, 14:31:43

I am having the exact same issue after upgrading. I found that stopping the app pool, deleting the examine indexes from AppData\Temp, and then restarting the site resolved the issue.

Unfortunately, I can't perform this task on our production site because I do not have access to the app pool. Please advise.

Thanks, Nate

Sebastiaan Janssen 03 Mar 2016, 15:56:29

@nnathantownsend That's just a fluke then, refreshing the browser would have done the trick, this has nothing to do with examine indexes but with browser caching. So: change ClientDependency.config, clear your browser cache

Nathan Townsend 03 Mar 2016, 16:03:41

@sebastiaan, thanks for reply, however your response is incorrect. Refreshing the browser does not resolve the problem on production. I have cleared cache, and even opened the site in a new browser that I never use. The back office is still messed up, looks exactly like the screen shots. I did change the ClientDependency.config also as suggested in another post. Problem persists.

I do believe it is a caching issue, but on the server, not on the browser. I have had luck stopping the app pool and removing examine indexes (even if that is just a fluke). But on the production server I can not stop the app pool.

Thanks again for your help, Nate

Sebastiaan Janssen 03 Mar 2016, 16:06:40

@nathantownsend So you're experiencing this problem right now? How about if you open a private/incognito browsing window and log in again. I find it extremely hard to believe that a search index would change the layout of your backoffice.

Nathan Townsend 03 Mar 2016, 16:11:47

Yes, having the issue now. I have opened it in a new incognito window and logged back in, no change. I have opened it in a new browser that I have never logged into the site, same issue.

I don't know if the search index is causing the problem per se, but I had the same issue on our stage server, and when I brought the site down and deleted the indexes, it was displaying correctly when I logged back in.

I have also changed the web.config to trigger a .net restart of the site, but that doesn't fix the problem. I can't delete the examine indexes while the site is running because of the lock file.

I am pretty well stuck on this one...

Sebastiaan Janssen 03 Mar 2016, 16:56:58

Very weird!!

Maybe it is some javascript error them. Can you rebuild the indexes from the Examine dashboard in the developer section?

Nathan Townsend 04 Mar 2016, 14:20:18

I tried going into the Developer section of the admin panel, but it constantly takes me to the login screen, even when I'm logged in as the superadmin. So I can't even try to delete the examine indexes that way.

The weird thing is that this happened on my staging server also. I would consider this a complete fluke if it hadn't happened twice. Just this time I can't restart the site like I could on stage.

I have checked the developer console for any javascript errors, but none are occurring.

Hopefully we can get this resolved, the last resort is to get IT to restart the app pool manually...

Thanks again Nate

Sebastiaan Janssen 04 Mar 2016, 15:11:40

If you get logged out on the developer section then your trees.config isn't updated. I blogged about this recently: http://umbraco.com/follow-us/blog-archive/2016/2/29/how-to-diagnose-umbraco-upgrade-problems/

Keith Rowe 01 Jun 2017, 18:03:59

In case anyone else finds this post, I ran into the same problem when upgrading from 7.3 to 7.5.14; purging the files in the /App_Data/ClientDependency/ folder corrected the issue.

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