U4-8055 - CodeGarden Bingo Beer from Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri

Created by Lars-Erik Aabech 22 Feb 2016, 11:17:04 Updated by Lars-Erik Aabech 02 Nov 2016, 13:02:51

The best IPA I ever had (except Alesmith) was Texarcana from Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri. Would be ecstatic to have that available on tap while slapping stickers on the bingo board. :) Stop by a store when crossing to Jylland and have a bottle, you'll be amazed.


Niels Hartvig 22 Feb 2016, 12:40:31

That calls for a PR

Lars-Erik Aabech 22 Feb 2016, 14:23:53

I can PR our clone recipe, but it's not as good as the original. Needs to be bundled. (install-package texarcana)

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