U4-8100 - Grid imagepicker dosnt use the "Start Node in Media Library" set on user

Created by Rasmus Fjord 02 Mar 2016, 07:29:02 Updated by Chris Scheidtmann 22 Feb 2018, 02:09:51

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Hey there

I have a newly created 7.4.1 solution which is planned to use multi sites greatly, and the single contenteditor has their own area on the media section. So i mapped each user to their own folder, but in the grid imagepicker it always start at the root node.

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Chris Scheidtmann 22 Feb 2018, 01:49:17

This appears to have been addressed since. In the current release version 7.8.1, the media picker (when adding an "Image" to the grid) starts on the user's start node rather than "Media", unless they have multiple start nodes, in which case it goes back to "Media" https://trello.com/c/ZUUYWTqd/22-u4-8100-grid-imagepicker-dosnt-use-the-start-node-in-media-library-set-on-user

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Type: Bug

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Difficulty: Easy

Category: UI

Backwards Compatible: True

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Affected versions: 7.4.0, 7.4.1

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