U4-8226 - Remove all unused/un-needed webforms files from the Umbraco.Web and Umbraco.Web.UI projects

Created by Shannon Deminick 22 Mar 2016, 14:26:35 Updated by Lee Kelleher 06 Aug 2018, 08:41:23

Tags: Up For Grabs Community Contrib

Parent for: U4-11555

Subtask of: U4-5419

There's a huge amount of stuff that can be removed here that is no longer used.

Please create smaller individual PRs for this task since there will be quite a lot.


Jan Skovgaard 23 Mar 2016, 16:19:09

@Shandem If no one else is up for it I feel like deleting some more stuff :)

Shannon Deminick 23 Mar 2016, 16:44:44

Whoohoo! Assigned :)

Shannon Deminick 30 Mar 2016, 10:59:48

PR: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/1196

Stephan 31 Mar 2016, 10:05:37

Goodbye, old code; we've fought our last together, You've struggled bravely, but you've got to die! Old code, it almost breaks my heart to leave you, Without one other word, except "Goodbye"

Goodbye, old code; we've kept up well together, And always shared whatever's come our way, We came to help old Umbraco fight the PHPs, And up to now we've kept 'em well at bay.

Goodbye, old code; I know you're going to suffer, For there are great tears in your eyes, I wish you understood that 'tis for Umbraco That every hero fights, and bleeds, and dies!

Goodbye, old code; you won't be here much longer, You've got to go, old code, and go alone, We've always had our troubles both together, And life won't seem the same when you are gone!

Goodbye, old code; I wish that you could answer, And tell me all your brown eyes try to say. You know, old code, I've seen a lot of suffering, But never felt just like I feel today.

(thanks to http://www.scotlandswar.ed.ac.uk/sites/default/files/pdf_Horses.pdf)

Shannon Deminick 31 Mar 2016, 12:36:36

Have pulled that first PR in, i'll move this task back to Open and wait for the next one :)

Priority: Up for grabs

Type: Task

State: Open


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

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Due in version: 8.0.0


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