U4-8237 - Adding compositions to a document type is reversed

Created by Jan Skovgaard 25 Mar 2016, 08:37:46 Updated by Jan Skovgaard 25 Jul 2018, 09:18:44

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I created two compositions, both having a "Content" tab. The first one contains the "Headline" and the second one contains the "BodyText". I then added these compositions to my page document type called "Textpage". When I added the compositions I started with the "Headline" composition since I want it to be ordered first and then I added the "BodyText" composition.

What did you expect to happen?

I expected the order of my compositions for the "Content tab" on my page to look like this:

Headline BodyText

What actually happened?

But instead the order was reversted so it was ordered like this

BodyText Headline

So in order to have the correct sort order I need to think "reversed" when I add my document types - So currently one has to start backwards and by clicking the "BodyText" compositon first and then clicking the "Headline" next.

The order of the added compositions should reflect the clicking order when adding the compositions.

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Jan Skovgaard 25 Mar 2016, 08:50:37

I added a video displaying the issue - Sorry for the .swf format. Used Jing and this seemed to be the only option. Will happily redo if you guys don't have any kind of flash stuff installed - In turn you need to let me know what the best free screen recording software for Windows is these days :D

Asbjørn Riis-Knudsen 25 Mar 2016, 10:57:49

This once again brings up the issue that you need to be able to sort composition properties and inherited properties (U4-6738).

Jan Skovgaard 25 Mar 2016, 11:01:58

For starters I would be very happy if this single one issue is resolved since it makes it possible to control the sort order by adding the compositions in the desired order pr. page document type. No doubt that it would really nice to be able to drag'n'drop sort the compositions pr. page too but I have a feeling that involves some more work though.

Shannon Deminick 30 Mar 2016, 10:24:35

@JanSkovgaard I don't think this reversal idea is as straight forward as this, i think it might just be a fluke based on how the data gets input but we can have a look. Doing proper sorting (i.e. U4-6738) is much more difficult, it would require database and services changes

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