U4-8401 - [Feature Request] Override Icon for Individual Content Nodes

Created by Brian Lacy 03 May 2016, 15:49:17 Updated by Brian Lacy 03 May 2016, 15:49:17

Currently, the icon associated with a particular node in the content tree is determined by its Document Type. This makes sense in the majority of cases. But I would like the ability to optionally change/override the icon for a single content node of a given type.

There are certain cases when a particular node has a "special" or unique purpose from a content editor's point of view, yet functionally it behaves the same as other nodes of its type. In these situations it would be helpful to set a different icon on the node to help it stand out.

In my particular case, I've got a Document Type "mvcApplication" which acts as a "placeholder" for a semi-independent MVC application/controller. The node cannot be added or removed by editors, but is used to set certain necessary properties for the app. I have three different apps, and each is handled identically from a code point of view; however I want a different icon assigned to each. Of course I could create three different document types, but I'd have to add more code to handle them separately -- when the only thing that's actually different, as far as Umbraco is concerned, is their name and their icon.

In other cases, it would just add a nice bit of polish to allow certain content pages or nodes to have a different icon -- just to help them stand out and be more easily identified -- even though they're ordinary Pages, for instance. For example, an About Us page may be no different than any other standard website content page, functionality wise, but it might be nice for some websites to use a different icon for the About Us page.

I'm sure there would be other use cases I haven't thought of -- I could see this being potentially very useful.


One approach might be to use a special property, similar to umbracoUrlName or umbracoRedirect. But then, this might require adding a native "icon picker" property editor..

Alternatively, add a new property ContentBase.Icon which overrides the value from ContentTypeBase.Icon


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