U4-8413 - ServerLock node not created on new installs

Created by Stephan 04 May 2016, 17:34:46 Updated by Shannon Deminick 10 May 2016, 11:51:19

The umbracoNode row that is used to lock server registrations at database level is created by a migration... but is not created in BaseDataCreation so it is missing in new installs.

Must fix but 1/ making sure it is created in new installs and 2/ creating a new migration for the next release to ensure it exists.


Stephan 10 May 2016, 10:36:19

PR https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/1259

Test/Review that old installs are fixed: *Install 7.4.3, check in database that there is no node (in umbracoNode) with id -331 (servers lock) *Upgrade to 7.5, check in database that there is a node with id -331 now

Test/Review that new installs do have the node: *Install 7.5, check in database that there is a node with id -331

Ideally... would be good to test that a LB environment does work and nodes are being elected masters etc correctly without any issue.


This is a silly bug... and it means that ppl running any fresh install of 7.3.0-7.4.3 do ''not'' have the lock node. It does not cause any errors... but it means that the server registration table is not really locked at all and could be corrupted due to concurrency.

Creating the lock node should ''not'' cause any issue because that's how it was meant to work from the very beginning and how all tests were conducted initially. In v8 we'll have a test so that if you try to lock on a missing node, an exception will be thrown.


Shannon Deminick 10 May 2016, 11:45:56

All seems to work and have tested with LB and a server is elected as seen in the db table and no errors are logged in the log files.

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