U4-8414 - Grid loses context in reorder mode

Created by Owen Henry 04 May 2016, 17:57:11 Updated by a r 01 Mar 2017, 20:43:12

When editing a grid and clicking the reorder button, you lose all context of what is in each row/section of the grid. If you have a long page of content as soon as you click reorder you loose your place in the document. The only way we have figured out to do this so far is to count how many rows down the the row we want to move is and then how many rows down to we want to move it to.

I actually just figured out today that you could still reorder in the main view (ie not clicking reorder first) which solves the issue of not having context but not the issue that the reorder mode was built to solve

It would be nice to be able to give the rows/sections custom names similar to how you can rename the tabs in the new doc type editor. Or even something like a row count again similar to the tab sort order for the doc type editor.


Matthew 01 Mar 2017, 19:09:04

I just had a few editors gripe about this today, though I can only think of a couple solutions:

  • allow editors to give a simple "name" to their rows and/or content
  • show a snippet of the grid content on hover

I've instructed the editors that they don't have to use the reorder button to move content, but this is incredibly cumbersome when attempting to drag an item and scroll the screen at the same time. If this worked better, I wouldn't see the need for the reorder view at all.

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