U4-8422 - Backoffice login - blank page and javascript error (while stack trace is on)

Created by Joey Kincer 08 May 2016, 05:19:45 Updated by Joey Kincer 08 May 2016, 05:19:45

This has actually been bugging me for a while, but it was really annoying tonight so thought I would report it...

Once in a while, trying to navigate to the Umbraco login returns a blank page. Running Firebug is telling me in the console "SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<'."

I have attached a screenshot, where the error is happening seems to be on the "Application?xxxxxxx" page or view (or whatever it is). It comes across the

tag and then craps out. I do have stack trace turned on (for Macro debugging reasons so I don't want to turn it off yet until I'm done with development).

Refreshing the browser doesn't work. I actually have to clear cache, close the browser, and then after a few minutes go back in, and then the login page shows up again.

To replicate, just install/uninstall a package (nuPickers in my case) and then after the installation, let the browser try to refresh itself, it will just show up as a blank page. This has happened randomly in other instances, but I could at least reproduce the issue this way. I would assume stack trace needs to be turned on in order to trigger the bug, although I haven't verified this.

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