U4-8423 - Change password not working

Created by Frej Raahede Nielsen 09 May 2016, 08:20:31 Updated by Frej Raahede Nielsen 09 May 2016, 09:19:10

In Umbraco 7.4.1 the Change Password tab is empty.

In the console, this error is displayed:

Error: Argument 'Umbraco.Dashboard.StartupChangePasswordController' is not a function, got undefined

It seems that 'Umbraco.Dashboard.StartupChangePasswordController' has been removed from /Umbraco/Js/umbraco.controllers.js in newer versions of Umbraco. I'm familiar with Umbraco 7.3.1 having it, though.

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Bjarne Fyrstenborg 09 May 2016, 08:34:00

Have you upgraded your site and forgotten to merge dashboard.config? .. as the "Change Password" dashboard has been removed and instead added to User Dialog (the dialog you get when clicking the avatar).

Frej Raahede Nielsen 09 May 2016, 09:18:41

I see :-) The site must have been upgraded recently then, and it makes sense that the dashboard.config hasn't been manually changes, as some plugins have been installed. Thanks for the quick reply!

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