U4-8441 - Start node in media in Grid Media Picker not set to starting node of user

Created by Thomas Beckert 11 May 2016, 12:49:57 Updated by Thomas Beckert 11 May 2016, 12:49:57

Relates to: U4-8357

I investigate the code. I logged in with a user, that has a subfolder of the media section as Startnode.

In the Umbraco.Overlays.MediaPickerController, this line setup the startnode of the media picker. If I hardcode the ID of the Startnode, everything works:

Line 3283 of /umbraco/js/umbraco.controllers.js

$scope.startNodeId = dialogOptions.startNodeId ? dialogOptions.startNodeId : -1; Console-Log of dialogOptions.startNodeId returns undefined.

Forum entry: https://our.umbraco.org/forum/umbraco-7/using-umbraco-7/70838-start-node-in-media-in-grid-media-picker


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