U4-8559 - Can't set user permissions

Created by Dallas Taylor 03 Jun 2016, 13:26:19 Updated by Bradley Kronson 01 Sep 2017, 20:59:20

We have found an issue when setting user permissions.

In the Umbraco backoffice Users section, open the User Permissions tree and select a user. The content tree appears in the right side panel. Check a content checkbox to select the content.

We expect the permission list to display. This is the list of permissions that can be configured for the selected content.

What happens is after checking a checkbox the progress bar is visible to the right but the list of permissions never appears.

This error is in the browser console (Chrome): Uncaught ReferenceError: umbraco is not defined. js:449

This issue only occurs when debug is set to false in the web.config. When debug=true the list of permissions appears. This points to an issue with ClientDependency.

The initial issue was found in v6.1.6 and we have replicated the issue in other v6.1.6 sites in different environments.

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Dallas Taylor 03 Jun 2016, 13:49:08

We went and tested some other Umbraco installations and found the same issue in 7.2.4 - the permissions list does not display and the javascript error is umbraco is not defined.

Bradley Kronson 01 Sep 2017, 20:59:20

This issue is still present in Umbraco 7.6.1 and 7.6.5 (happens in Firefox and Chrome, latest versions)

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