U4-8795 - Adjust styling for listview bulk actions

Created by Bjarne Fyrstenborg 30 Jul 2016, 23:17:57 Updated by Shannon Deminick 27 Feb 2018, 03:03:52

Tags: PR

After localization of listview bulk actions merged in from PR https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/1276 we need to adjust styling a bit to ensure icon and link for each bulk action doesn't float into multiple lines.

Maybe move the status messages below the button(s) and bulk actions, so it fit easier with localized text and on narrow screens.

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Esben Seindal 03 Nov 2016, 14:54:05

Added a pull request for this styling change: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/1588

Priority: Normal

Type: Cosmetics

State: Open


Difficulty: Very Easy


Backwards Compatible: True

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Affected versions: 7.4.3

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