U4-8826 - I can not see custom provider of Newsletter Studio in mailing lists.

Created by Hassan 09 Aug 2016, 03:49:25 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 09 Aug 2016, 09:07:16

Hi I created a custom subscription provider in Newsletter Studio that fetch Emails list from SQL Server database. I can see the name of my list only in send options of Newsletter Studio, but I can not see the list in mailing lists section. So I can not see the list of emails and edit and delete them. Please see attached images. I want to see the custom provider list in mailing lists and see all Emails and edit them. What can I do for it?

With thanks.

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Sebastiaan Janssen 09 Aug 2016, 09:07:11

Hey @hassan ! Make sure to contact the creators of this 3rd party plugin, this is not something made by Umbraco :)


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