U4-8922 - all MNTP pickers have lost selected items

Created by andrew shearer 31 Aug 2016, 02:54:28 Updated by andrew shearer 27 Aug 2017, 20:23:56

Relates to: U4-10283

Our client website is on 7.4.3 and sometimes mandatory fields on the homepage content node are all ‘lost’.

The content node has about 10 fields that are all of type Umbraco.MultiNodeTreePicker, and the picked items will all go missing at the same time.

This isn’t something the content manager did knowingly, and the items that were picked beforehand are all still published content nodes. But, for some reason the selected nodes all disappear from the MNTP pickers.

The end result is that the content manager can’t make intended changes because all of the mandatory fields (that should’ve already been content-loaded) don’t meet ‘save and publish’ validation any longer.

Is this a known issue? Thanks


andrew shearer 24 Aug 2017, 23:05:18

hi - does anyone know if this has been fixed in the latest version? thanks

Jesse Andrews 24 Aug 2017, 23:13:40

I doubt it's been resolved, as I encountered this in 7.5.13 as well (created a separate issue and related it to this one). I think the problem happens when publishing before the multi node picker has finished loading, as I was able to reliably reproduce the issue when I did so.

andrew shearer 27 Aug 2017, 20:23:56

sounds like a duplicate of http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-4848

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