U4-9141 - Cannot upload multiple images to CMS

Created by Lyndsey Cooper 03 Nov 2016, 00:21:38 Updated by Lyndsey Cooper 03 Nov 2016, 21:57:05

To replicate:

  • We log into the CMS
  • Navigate to > media
  • Drag 2 files into the folder
  • Each file tries to upload, but shows 'An error has occurred.'
  • If we upload individual files it works fine

We are on Umbraco version Umbraco version 7.4.3 assembly: 1.0.5948.18141

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Sebastiaan Janssen 03 Nov 2016, 09:18:39

I'm pretty sure we fixed something relating to this after 7.4.3, if you can reproduce in a 7.5.4 install then make sure to re-open this issue (I've just tried and it all looks good in 7.5.4). Might be time for an upgrade then! :)

Lyndsey Cooper 03 Nov 2016, 21:57:05

Hi Sebastiaan

Thanks for letting us know. I'll see if the client will upgrade again.

Have a great day.


Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Can't Reproduce


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