U4-9194 - Give hints as to what might be wrong with the database host name on install

Created by Pete Duncanson 16 Nov 2016, 13:20:06 Updated by Owain Williams 28 Jun 2018, 07:30:14

Had the issue today where I tried to connect to SQLExpress but I had the slash in the hostname wrong: rather than\SQLExpress

Wondered if a little check to see if forward slashes are in the hostname a message could be shown saying "you appear to have forward slashes instead of backslashes (which is more common for hostnames), intentional?". For bonus points have a link to convert it or even correct it when trying to connect if it detects slashes in the name?

This is part of helping people get past the boring stuff and into the good stuff quickly and smoothly (and showing that "hey Umbraco has your back baby")

BTW I might have the name of "hostname" wrong, the sites installed now so can't recreate so doing it off memory.


Owain Williams 18 Jun 2018, 20:06:45

I'll have a look in to this. :)

Pete Duncanson 18 Jun 2018, 20:25:17

Oh wow, this is an old one. Good work Owin on getting stuck in. Should be an "easy" ish on but also helpful :)

Owain Williams 18 Jun 2018, 21:07:50

Yip, it's an old one but I thought I might as well give it a bash. Lets me have a dig around the install process if nothing else.

Søren Gregersen 19 Jun 2018, 09:01:06

@owaingdwilliams be sure to use the correct checks for MySQL / MSSQL :)

Or at least make sure only to implement the validation @peteduncanson mentions for MSSQL

Owain Williams 19 Jun 2018, 09:04:36

I guess I better get reading about what the correct checks are :) @SorenG

Is there a way to run the install process multiple times to allow for testing?

Pete Duncanson 19 Jun 2018, 09:53:38

@owaingdwilliams I believe if you remove the umbraco version number (set it to an empty string) in the web.config then that will kick off the whole install all over again.

Owain Williams 19 Jun 2018, 09:55:39

@peteduncanson Cheers! I'll give that a go.

Pete Duncanson 27 Jun 2018, 16:02:47

@owaingdwilliams saw this today and thought of this case:



wonder if there is a similar thing for V7? Might help you if so?

Owain Williams 28 Jun 2018, 07:30:14

Thanks @peteduncanson - really needing to find time to look in to this.

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