U4-920 - New Public API

Created by Morten Christensen 02 Oct 2012, 09:48:14 Updated by teku awoni 13 Dec 2012, 12:01:17

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This post is just a container for the tasks related to creating the new Public API, which will be introduced in version 6.0.0.

The new Public API involves creating new Models (Umbraco.Core.Models) as well as Services, which allows developers to properly use the models.


  • Content (IContent)
  • ContentType (IContentType, IContentTypeComposition)
  • DataTypeDefinition
  • Dictionary
  • Language
  • Macro and MacroProperty (IMacro, IMacroProperty)
  • MacroPropertyType
  • Media
  • Property / PropertyCollection
  • PropertyGroup / PropertyGroupCollection
  • PropertyType / PropertyTypeCollection
  • Relation
  • Script (IFile)
  • Stylesheet (IFile)
  • Template (IFile)

Low priority models

  • Tags / TagRelationship
  • Task / TaskType
  • App / AppTree
  • Domain(s)


  • IContentService
  • IContentTypeService
  • IDataTypeService
  • IFileService (templates, js, css)
  • ILocalizationService
  • IMacroService
  • IMediaService
  • IMemberService (might not be part of 6.0.0 as the Membership implementation is not scheduled for 6.0.0)
  • IUserService
  • ''IPublishService or PublishStrategy to publish content using the current api for publishing content''


Priority: Normal

Type: Feature (planned)

State: Fixed


Difficulty: Normal

Category: Architecture

Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions:

Due in version: 6.0.0


Story Points: