U4-9214 - Database Installer Password with Special Characters

Created by Zachary Allen 22 Nov 2016, 17:54:53 Updated by Steve Morgan 06 Oct 2017, 13:07:36

What did you do? Installed New instance of Umbraco 7.5.4, and received a Database login error after the insulation process started. The SQL password contained the special character ' < ' Which you'd expect to get converted to '<' in the web.config connection string, but it was converted to ' &lt; '

looks like its doing special character conversions twice, First time taking < to < and then at some point the & is getting converted again.

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Steve Morgan 06 Oct 2017, 13:06:50

I've just recreated this following a comment in the forum.

https://our.umbraco.org/forum/umbraco-7/using-umbraco-7/50407-Login-failed-for-user-in-Umbraco-7#comment-279950 It's the same for ampersands &


  1. Click customise during installation
  2. Enter SQL password - having created a test account with one of these special chars.
  3. See exception!

The webconfig has the special chars html encoded. Database=UmbracoV722;user id=sa-test;password='test&amp;test'

Steve Morgan 06 Oct 2017, 13:07:36

Screenshot of error.

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