U4-931 - Media implementation

Created by Morten Christensen 02 Oct 2012, 11:10:36 Updated by bob baty-barr 03 Jan 2013, 22:06:50

Relates to: U4-10

Subtask of: U4-920

Implement Media so its also content similar to v5, but without the complexity of using the same storage. This task is related to the following discussion on the core mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/umbraco-dev/JFVBW4xbJjs


Morten Christensen 04 Oct 2012, 14:46:31

As we have to maintain backwards compatibility for how Media currently works its limited what we can do with the Media implementation, but the classes and inheritance is now designed so Content and Media share the same IContentBase interface and a similar ContentType, which has been split into IContentType and IMediaType to adhear to the differences with template usage and ContentType composition.

If we at some point want to support a mixin type functionality for MediaTypes it should be fairly straight forward to do so. It should also be possible to change how media is cached and allow media to be publishable, but it would require some database changes and would therefore have to be a planned feature request.

bob baty-barr 03 Jan 2013, 22:06:50

does this mean that media in the RTE will have a type reference that auto updates like content?

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