U4-9333 - When resizing photos, Umbraco doesn't preserve meta data

Created by Niels Hartvig 02 Jan 2017, 14:14:13 Updated by James South 02 May 2017, 23:04:58

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Subtask of: UAASSCRUM-721

This is an issue for professionals that embed copyright info, etc in photos via EXIF, thus when their photos are resized in Umbraco their EXIF data is lost.

We should update the default ImageProcessor config to Preserve meta data: http://imageprocessor.org/imageprocessor-web/configuration/#processingconfig

See this Twitter conversation for more info: https://twitter.com/CareyPhoto/status/815329881433083904


Niels Hartvig 02 Jan 2017, 16:33:21

PR: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/1667

James South 02 May 2017, 13:57:50

@hartvig This should never have been added. Most EXIF metadata is unnecessary for the web so by default removing it is the best action as it can dramatically reduce image sizes.

EXIF metadata is stored in one or more APP1 segments within a jpeg each with a maximum size of 65k. There's no limit to the number of App1 segments within an image so there is potential for megabytes of data to be stored.

The ImageProcessor.Web PostProcessor also preserves EXIF meta so we don't remove metadata people want to keep to even running that will not help the vast majority who want to strip it out of images added by content editors with no knowledge of metadat formats.

Niels Hartvig 02 May 2017, 15:33:50

@JimbobSquarePants we added it because vital information that content creators (photographers) add to track their photos was stripped. I'm all for keeping sizes of content to a minimum, but the alternative we used stripped all information. I do love the idea on Twitter about a minimal option to preserve the most important exif information.

James South 02 May 2017, 23:04:58

It was always configurable though. If someone needed this they could have opted in.

Agree though the idea Douglas came up with is far better. I'll try to get something up and running asap.

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