U4-9343 - Backoffice suddenly showing no content for all nodes

Created by Jac Domney 05 Jan 2017, 23:15:22 Updated by Jac Domney 05 Jan 2017, 23:15:22


Suddenly this week with zero changes made one of my projects refuses to display any content in the backoffice, the sidebar and content nodes render fine however the main pane is blank as shown in the attached image.

Firstly it does not seem to be a caching issue, I have deleted the App_Data/TEMP folder increased the clientdependency version number restarted the app pool, republished the website, reset the browser cache etc etc to no avail.

This has started occurring locally where we are using IIS, and has also started occurring on production which is hosted in Azure with a single server single db setup. Our Umbraco version is 7.5.3 which we upgraded to upon release. The error occurs on Chrome, IE and Firefox, and no console errors are seen.

I understand that this may seem like there is very little to go off, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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