U4-9439 - Models builder - recursive property paramater

Created by Marc Cameron 26 Jan 2017, 14:14:29 Updated by Richard Thompson 14 Mar 2018, 14:07:20

Is it worth while adding in the ability to allow for the strongly typed parameters to have the function to be set as recursive, currently at the moment it only returns the value.

I would love to help implement this, any guidance if you agree its a valuable addition any direction would help.




Richard Thompson 14 Mar 2018, 14:07:20

I personally would like to see this added as we've run into this.

The way I saw this working would be to add a checkbox when adding a property to a document type. The checkbox would say something like inherit property value recursively.

If the checkbox is checked the model would be generated with:

that.GetPropertyValue<IEnumerable>("alias", true);

If the checkbox isn't checked the model would be generated as usual:


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