U4-9453 - Backoffice browser memory leak

Created by Reuel Ramos Ribeiro 31 Jan 2017, 11:58:54 Updated by Nicholas Westby 27 Jun 2018, 15:15:43

Hello, I use Umbraco version 7.5.8 assembly: 1.0.6233.15010. While using it for a few minutes, I notice how it becomes unresponsible and taking a long time to do anything. I noticed that its tab (on chrome) easily goes up to the gigabytes of memory after a few clicks here and there. I believe there is some sort of memory leak with umbraco/angular. I'm attaching two pictures to help you understand what is going on.

It seems to occur especially when I access the template and doctype editors on backoffice that the memory ramps up.

I was expecting to use the backoffice without having to close and open the browser tab every 5 minutes because it becomes unusable after a while.

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Wesley Herpoelaert 21 Jun 2017, 12:05:34

I'm also having this problem. @rulrok Did you find more info what's causing the leak?

Reuel Ramos Ribeiro 21 Jun 2017, 17:11:10

@instance By now it is just easier to make an upgrade of version I think. After that, I haven't noticed problems anymore :)

kensley lewis 23 Jun 2017, 14:07:14

If there is one, what is the official solution to this issue?

Steve 24 Jun 2017, 12:13:54

Have you tried without any plugins enabled?

Tim 27 Jun 2018, 14:31:51

I have seen this on Umbraco 7.5.8 through 7.7.9 (not tested on a more recent version yet). Can recreate by clicking between content items and loading their editors. It seems that only a fraction of the memory is released on garbage collection. To further exacerbate things if you click between Content and Settings and then back to Content you seem to get a memory consumption jump that is proportional to how much you built up when clicking between content items.

Tested without any plugins installed using Chrome and Edge.

Priority: Minor

Type: Performance Problem

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Affected versions: 7.5.8, 7.7.9

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