U4-9564 - Umbraco Version 7.3.4

Created by Chris Calzaretta 23 Feb 2017, 23:34:05 Updated by Chris Calzaretta 23 Feb 2017, 23:34:05

We are having the same issue almost as U4-3145 However we can reproduce it. Our current Umbraco systems have major traffic. The systems are hosted in Azure on paas and can scale 6 to 30 servers depending on traffic. With that we have had to do some custom caching and custom publishing events with in umbraco to allow the scaling to work proficiently. This system has been in place for almost 2 years and has been working wonderful. However on 2/15 we did a deployment that added a couple of more properties to our EN level, We also added a couple more properties on each page level. Most all properties where rich text or text box. I would say it is apprx 9 new properties in all. I would guess we have about 30 custom properties at any given page level. 20 of those properties being at the EN(global) level.

Since we did a deployment on 2/15 publishing has not been working. The publishing server content is fine however the front ends are not getting the umbraco.config file correct it seems. This has only been tested on En and homepage level. We have not tried sub pages yet. When we publish some of the properties just go away. I cant explain why.. it is also random on which properties go away. However this issue happened every time.

As an example 2/15 an umbraco property value was changed on the day of deployment. The homepage umbracoRedirectID was just gone after the publish. Did not change or touch the homepage redirect id 2/22 A property value was changed in umbraco and published. we have a Custom umbraco media type of Image with custom properties on it. The image it self was just gone. We did not touch this item at all.

2/22 A property value was changed again in umbraco and published. Same sales data.. it is a custom dashboard that hosts a Kendo excel sheet. It somehow triggers the publishing event. On our home page we have custom code that reads the subnode for a slide show. when it published we lost content, we lost the images in the sub nodes under the home page.

I need to ask if there is a limit on properties or content size that can be saved?

This is a game changer for us and umbraco if we cant get it fixed. Please help

Thank you



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