U4-9688 - Allow Redirects When Disabling URL Tracker

Created by Nicholas Westby 28 Mar 2017, 23:59:09 Updated by Nicholas Westby 28 Mar 2017, 23:59:09

The Redirect URL Management dashboard has a button to disable the URL tracker. Once you click that button, this is what you see:


All it does is updates the umbracoSettings.config so the setting disableRedirectUrlTracking is true.

I would like for the redirects to still function when redirect URL tracking is disabled. However, it seems that disabling tracking also disables the redirects themselves too.

The use case is that I am using a custom content finder and URL provider to prefix a culture (e.g., "en-us") to all URL's. When doing this, the redirect URL tracking does not function correctly (i.e., when renaming a content node, it stores the incorrect old URL). So, I don't want to add new redirects when content nodes are changes. However, I do want the existing redirects to be respected (I have a separate dashboard that allows redirects to be created).

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