U4-9839 - Media Picker: If I only upload one photo then select it as a part of the upload process

Created by Niels Hartvig 02 May 2017, 12:08:04 Updated by Mads Rasmussen 29 Jun 2017, 12:55:13

Subtask of: U4-9609

As an editor using a Media Picker I want to be able to upload a single photo and have it automatically selected so that I don't have to first select it and then click the Submit button


Claus Jensen 22 Jun 2017, 11:02:35

PR: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/2015

Priority: Task - Pri 1

Type: Usability Problem

State: Fixed




Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 7.6.3

Due in version: 7.6.4

Sprint: Sprint 62

Story Points: 1

Cycle: 2