U4-9881 - Checkbox Datatype no longer working in 7.6

Created by John Churchley 09 May 2017, 10:13:40 Updated by John Churchley 02 Nov 2017, 10:03:44

Your report will have a greater chance of being addressed if you can give us clear steps to reproduce the issue, please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible: What did you do? Created a fresh project, populated the default checkbox datatype with dummy prevalues, created homepage etc.

What did you expect to happen? Display checkbox values using default MVC example

@{ if (Model.Content.HasValue("superHeros")){

    @foreach(var item in Model.Content.GetPropertyValue("superHeros").Split(',')) {
  • @item
  • }

} }

What actually happened? Returns

  • System.Linq.Enumerable+WhereSelectArrayIterator`2[System.String
  • System.String]


John Churchley 09 May 2017, 10:31:41

It works with EnablePropertyValueConverters enabled but maybe it should be backward compatibility/allow it to be disabled?

i.e. Model.Content.GetPropertyValue<IEnumerable>("superHeros")

Eric Schrepel 11 May 2017, 17:36:28

(Update: setting EnablePropertyValueConverts=false in umbracosettings.config made the code below work. Hadn't noticed it was set to true after the upgrade to 7.6.1).

After upgrading from 7.5.13 to 7.6.1, I'm getting the same problem related to any DropdownMultiple or Tags fields.

What used to work for tags, for example:

foreach (var item in CurrentPage.tags.Split(',')) { <p>@item.Name</p> }

Now returns that System.Linq... error.

Similarly, for DropdownMultiple fields, this code used to work (the "divisions" field is a DropDownMultiple):

foreach (var staff in CurrentPage.Children.Where("divisions.Contains(@0)","marketing")) { <p>@staff.Name</p> }

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Workaround posted


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

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Affected versions: 7.6.0, 7.6.1

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