U4-9915 - User Groups will have a start node assigned and Users can have multiple start nodes assigned

Created by Shannon Deminick 15 May 2017, 08:38:15 Updated by Shannon Deminick 07 Jul 2017, 00:29:32

Subtask of: U4-8632

  • users can have multiple start nodes assigned directly

  • one user group can have a single start node assigned

  • we will calculate/merge start nodes for multiple groups for a user based on path

  • if there are 2 (or more) different paths than the user will have multiple root nodes

  • Tree root node checks will need to be updated throughout the codebase

  • The database will need to be updated to support this change along with migrations

  • JS Trees and pickers will need to be updated to support multiple roots (separate task)

We will need to try to minimize breaking changes but in c# this cannot be done though the c# APIs for this aren't commonly used. For the JS APIs however they are used so for things like pickers, we will need to support both properties like startNodeId (single/legacy) and startNodeIds


Jeffrey Schoemaker 16 May 2017, 12:46:59

May be this movie can be some inspiration for displaying multipe startnodes (that are not on the same level): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaQsr2uY3bA

Claus Jensen 06 Jul 2017, 10:33:02

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong here. I've assigned a start node to both content and media for this group, but it still says "Content root" and "Media root" in the overview - --also it doesn't seem to do anything for the users assigned to this group.-- (this last part seems to be a caching issue.. it's working now)


Claus Jensen 06 Jul 2017, 12:47:33

I started fixing up a bunch of these mismatches between property names between C# classes and what was mapped and used in the UI, since this was what was causing stuff to be missing.

At some point it got pretty confusing as some properties are named with Id although they actually sometimes contain a complete entity object. Decided to align all of this so properties should be named the same consistently from backend to frontend - and properties containing a complete entity is no longer named [...]Id.


Marking this as fixed as I'm good with the rest and the issues I had are fixed now.

@Shandem feel free to reopen the issue if you have anything regarding what I did in the commit above :)

Shannon Deminick 07 Jul 2017, 00:29:32

Looks good, thanks !

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