U4-9951 - Examine index includes items in recycled bin

Created by Simon Chubb 25 May 2017, 17:40:12 Updated by Simon Chubb 25 May 2017, 17:40:12

Umbraco version 7.6.1 assembly: 1.0.6337.40631 With existing items in the Recycled Bin, create a new Examine index:

Run a query such as this: var q = Request.QueryString["srch-term"];

        //Fetching our SearchProvider by giving it the name of our searchprovider 
        var Searcher = Examine.ExamineManager.Instance.SearchProviderCollection["TagsOnlySearchSearcher"];
        //Searching and ordering the result by score, and we only want to get the results that has a minimum of 0.05(scale is up to 1.)
        var searchResults = Searcher.Search(q, true).OrderByDescending(x => x.Score).TakeWhile(x => x.Score > 0.05f);

The variable searchResults then contains items that are in the Recycle Bin - verified by checking the umbracoNode table and the parentId is -20 = Recycle Bin


Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

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Difficulty: Normal


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