U4-9982 - Listview datatype - Add filtering to a specific doctype

Created by Jeffrey Schoemaker 03 Jun 2017, 17:19:05 Updated by Jeffrey Schoemaker 03 Jun 2017, 17:19:05

Let's say I have the following structure:

  • Blogoverview ** Blog 1 ** Blog 2 ** Blog 3 ** Blog authors *** Jeffrey *** Another author *** And yet another author ** Blog categories *** Category A *** Category B

If you create a listview on the blogoverview it would create all nodes underneath that to be in the listview, but actually you probably want only the real blogs to be listed as a list, and the other nodes not.

Currently that is not possible, but if you could exclude certain doctypes from that specific listview (or include) this would help.


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