U4-9994 - UDI SQL truncate issues. Value Converters

Created by Shropshire Council Web Team 06 Jun 2017, 15:34:10 Updated by Luca Colella 14 Jun 2017, 15:36:32

After upgrading. Somehow value converters - even when set to false - added udi to obsolete datatypes (multinode treepicker, media picker etc.) that enter into nvchar(500) column of cmsPropertyData and vice versa. Not an intended situation.


Luca Colella 06 Jun 2017, 16:58:28

IGNORE the above.

This seems to be a bug on my end with the value converters doing weird stuff, even though it's set to false. (7.6.3). Happened on 3 occasions from upgrading

Sebastiaan Janssen 14 Jun 2017, 15:12:41

Please don't switch to UDI pickers. If you want to use the new UDI pickers, create a new property and use them like they were always intended: as new properties.

There's absolutely no reason to switch to new pickers for upgraded sites, you're going to have to re-save each picked item individually and you'll need to update all your existing queries. For upgrades, keep using the legacy pickers, they work fine.

Luca Colella 14 Jun 2017, 15:36:32

@sebastiaan Hi Seb, thanks for responding. Yea you're exactly right, there is no need to change Umbraco 7 - 7.5 properties, if you're using the converters. I think what happened is on the 7.6.2 upgrade attempt I had the bug causing the value converters to do the opposite of intended.

In the end I did create new properties on 7.6.3. I upgraded from 6.2.4 with lots of datatypes using old types such as uComponents. I made a couple of conversion scripts - converting ~1800 nodes during the upgrade process.

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