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U4-9984 - Add option to run Health Checks on a schedule and provide options for notifications unscheduled

U4-10121 - Scheduled publishing as a background task

U4-10368 - Need option to set username different than e-mail for AD compatibility

U4-10398 - No longer shipping with CookComputing.XmlRpcV2 assembly

U4-10103 - API Breaking change list

U4-8632 - User management - Usergroup functionality pr

U4-10401 - Being able to rename Data Type folders unscheduled

U4-10118 - Umbraco.Core.IO.FileSystemProviderManager is simply not testable and cannot be properly used or setup in tests unscheduled goldpartner

U4-7580 - Make doc type folders renamable upforgrabs pr

U4-10275 - Render 'site' nodes for the content/media trees for users with non root access

U4-10268 - 7.7 Beta - Changing password should be safe by default

U4-10214 - Disable ability to delete admin and translators group

U4-10389 - Some webforms editors do not authorize on the user's path access or permissions set for the editing node unscheduled

U4-10156 - User with multiple start node cannot reload content tree

U4-10385 - Examine indexing performance bottleneck: IUserService.GetProfileById which is not cached backport unscheduled

U4-10374 - EntityService, ContentService and MediaService should use a prefix query for GetDescendants instead of a Contains query backport

U4-10348 - Show readonly user profile information on user editor

U4-6929 - User permissions security issue

U4-10260 - Umbraco.7.7 beta - NestedContent with ModelsBuilder disabled throws error pr

U4-10326 - Creating a new content node using Content Templates (Blueprints) always places node at root.

U4-10111 - Changing email on a user doesn't show the username field

U4-10264 - Umbraco 7.7 beta - UX - 'Set permission' above 'Close'

U4-2449 - Change the default admin users lang to en-us

U4-10201 - Exception when deleting a user's start node

U4-10346 - Whenever you visit either the users or the groups section BOTH controllers: Users and Groups initialize

U4-9990 - Content blueprints

U4-10329 - Umbraco.7.7 beta - Upgraded from 7.6, can't create new users

U4-10265 - 7.7 Beta - User cannot create content if they have Browse + Create permissions (why would they also need Update?) unscheduled

U4-10278 - Administrator user group is missing access to Forms section unscheduled

U4-10279 - User states filter in user overview is broken unscheduled

U4-10217 - Blueprints: When clicking "Create Blueprint", add explanation on what it is and what will happen

U4-10299 - Legacy trees are causing errors in the backoffice after upgrading to v. 7.7 unscheduled

U4-10227 - Users section should start in the user tree

U4-10256 - Make umb-box component + add documentation

U4-10248 - Change content and media start node pickers to use new picker layout

U4-10280 - Add markers to required fields in user section unscheduled

U4-10243 - Umbraco 7.7. Difference between "Enable/Disable" and "LockedOut" unscheduled

U4-9831 - Custom avatar (so we don’t depend on gravatar)

U4-10220 - Missing the ability to create Content Templates (blueprints) from the blueprints tree directly when none exist

U4-10233 - Umbraco 7.7 beta - format user last login date

U4-10215 - Update partial view snippets

U4-10262 - Missing UDI + GUID friendly MediaService.CreateMedia, ContentService.CreateContent methods unscheduled

U4-10263 - Missing UDI + GUID friendly MediaService.GetByIds, ContentService.GetByIds unscheduled

U4-10244 - Umbraco 7.7-beta - Migration fails when upgrading users

U4-10272 - Health Check Notification Methods (such as core email) that don't have configuration cause all notifications to fail pr

U4-10236 - Umbraco.7.7 beta - add larger click area of permission items

U4-10257 - Add "invite user" success state

U4-10235 - Umbraco 7.7 beta - misleading placeholder text in profile email

U4-10230 - Umbraco 7.7 beta - hover on table row affect datepicker

U4-10231 - Avatar is slightly off center pr



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