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U4-4910 - Back office caching is too agressive

U4-5024 - Image Cropper focal point positioning delay

U4-5068 - Tiny MCE language specific labels are not fetched

U4-5418 - No err msg when moving from a page and not saving and or Publishing a page

U4-5464 - Feature request: Make media usage part of the core!

U4-5519 - Replace ellipsis (...) icon connected to the create action with a plus (+) sign

U4-6310 - Error when sorting by "last edited" in recycle bin listview

U4-6354 - Using CurrentPage.Site().FirstChild Occasionally Will Result in YSOD

U4-6539 - User with role 'Translator' has not ability to change his/her password

U4-6664 - Unable to edit href links in RTE editor on Grid Layout.

U4-6703 - Upgrading from 7.2.5 to 7.2.6 via nuget fails when Forms 4.1.3 is installed

U4-6751 - Running child application under Umbraco site - conflict if using tags in 7.2.6

U4-6874 - Add the ability to embed Macros in the Markdown Editor

U4-6875 - Installation log reports examine index errors...

U4-6881 - ContenService GetChildren id param inconsistent name

U4-6883 - Auto select inline uploaded media items in Multi Media Picker

U4-6884 - Sort media pickers date decending

U4-6885 - In the grid, make the "To start, click the below and add your first element" text clickable

U4-6892 - Umbraco 7.3 Beta 2 download fails at end of install with missing App_Plugins folder

U4-6893 - Audit Trail not capturing Public Access change

U4-6895 - After selecting a Partial View Macro File highlight doesn't change in Developer tree

U4-6896 - Close dialogs when switching section

U4-6897 - "default" 404 errorpage on multi-site install gives server errors for other languages

U4-6901 - Table cmsPropertyData, column dataNvarchar needs max char limit removed

U4-6904 - IsDirty() is false on new content when no properties are populated

U4-6909 - Issue with 'carousel panel collections'

U4-6912 - GetMacroResultAsHtmlForEditor not working with